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Florida is a big state! The most recent estimate by the United States Census Bureau estimates that the state’s population had reached 19,057,542 – an increase of 1.36% on the 2010 confirmed figures. The Census Bureau haven’t provided a new estimate for this year yet, but extrapolating from last year’s figures we can expect the population to have increased by roughly a further 250,000 people, bringing the Florida population of 2012 up to 19.3 million.

In terms of population density, Florida has a surface area of 65,755 square miles (170,304 square kilometers). Based on the 2011 estimates, that equates to 353.4 people per square mile, (136.4 per square kilometer) and that makes it the eighth most densely populated state in the US.

The reason of this high population density of the state is the availability of opportunities for growth of the citizens. Opportunities of business, education, employment and entertainment draw thousands of people every year to the state. One of these opportunities are rapid cash loans using your car title as collateral from  Embassy Loans.
The people of Florida are particularly happy about the availability of these cash loans because they are very different from other forms of traditional loans. Following are some of the factors that make these cash loans special.

  1. Speed – Regardless of the type of financial institution you go to ask for a loan, the minimum amount of time you will have to wait  is a week before your loan application is processed and approved/rejected. However at Embassy Loans you  can obtain  a loan in a few hours .So for those facing an urgent financial need, auto equity loans sometimes referred to  as car title loans  can provide the best solution possible.
  2. Credit Score doesn’t matter – Many lenders’ loan applications are turned down by, banks, special lenders and other lending institutions just because their credit score doesn’t meet the lenders’ requirements. Embassy Loans  has  no such requirements. They don’t judge applicants based on their credit score.
  3. Collateral helps – Collateral is considered necessary by lenders of title loans because it helps them minimize the risk they face because of the possibility of borrowers defaulting on their loan. The borrowers, in return, enjoy a lower interest rate because of the secure nature of the cash title loan from Embassy Loans.

The factors mentioned above make it very easy for the people of Florida to obtain loans and even pay them back.

Borrowers that have a negative credit rating typically have difficulties obtaining loans

Embassy Loans in Florida does not care about borrowers with negative credit scores – Borrowers that have negative credit rating typically find it difficult to secure traditional loans from banks or obtain credit card advances. Hence, when they are in dire need for cash, they tend to secure loans from other sources that impose very high fees and interest charges.

However, if a borrower owns a car that is already paid in full or almost paid off, he or she can qualify for an auto equity loan  using the car as collateral. Borrowers with bad credit generally cannot obtain funds easily through unsecured credit because they are considered risky investments by most creditors.

This becomes a negative manifestation of your ability to settle your debts upon maturity. Fortunately, it is still possible to get approval on a auto title  loan application even if you have negative credit rating. If you have fully paid your vehicle or almost, then you can use it for this purpose.

This is because you can offer your vehicle as collateral to apply for secured funding by way of auto equity loan sometimes referred to as a car title loan . This protects your creditor in the event that you fail to repay the loan.

A secured debt usually charges lesser interest rates than the unsecured debt. The rates of interest Embassy Loans of Florida  are generally lower, which make them more appealing. Unsecured debts carry very high interest rates because the lenders are not protected in this type of credit.

When a person that has bad credit presents the car to an auto equity loan provider  as collateral, this somewhat compensates for the risk. Majority of creditors will only grant you approximately between 25% to 50% of the vehicle’s wholesale value. This protects the creditor in the event the borrower fails to make payments or settle his obligation according to the agreed terms.

Auto collateral loans are alternative options for those who have bad credit
This will be a good opportunity to improve your credit rating by strictly paying back the loan amount according to the agreed terms and payment schedule. The record of your payments will find its way to the credit bureau. Because these agencies will be keeping track of your current credit activity, you will be able to regain a positive credit feedback if you are consistent and prompt in your loan payments.

You may want to look for a lender that has a good reputation and offers debtors flexible repayment terms as well as interest rates that are competitive. Examine the terms thoroughly and try to find out the payments that you have to make and their schedule. Make sure that you will be able to strictly comply with the payment terms and schedule so that you will be able to retain your car and create a positive feedback in your credit report. You should be able to enjoy the benefits of Embassy Loans  and reestablish good credit standing at the same time, provided that you use it wisely and pay back the debt responsibly.

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Why Keeping Insurance on your Vehicle is Necessary for a Loan

Keeping insurance on your vehicle is necessary for a loan using your car title as collateral

When you receive an auto equity loan sometimes called a car title loan, having current insurance on the vehicle is a mandatory requirement. Driving on the road requires that you have insurance on your vehicle to protect you as well as other drivers on the road. When you receive a loan from Embassy Loans, valid insurance covering comprehensive and collision is required to be prepaid for a minimum of 6 months.

If you do not have insurance coverage and need an auto title loan, Embassy Loans offers an alternative.  You may purchase an optional collision wavier debt cancellation addendum, which is available only as a voluntary option. If you decide to choose this waiver, it will be included in your monthly payment.

Embassy Loans offer flexible loan terms.  If you are in Florida, need cash in a rapid way, and do not have the time or cash to secure an insurance policy for your car or truck, then Embassy Loans  can design a flexible loan term including the optional collision wavier debt cancellation addendum.

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Applying for a Car Title Loan

Help pay bills or unexpected expenses with a loan on your auto or truck’s equity

Applying for a loan using your car as collateral sometimes called a Car Title Loan or Auto Equity Loan is a rapid way to get money to pay bills or for emergency cash needs. Sometimes your normal paycheck doesn’t pay all your  bills. Cost of living continues to rise in Florida, many people simply can’t afford to pay for emergency needs like home repairs, medical bills, or legal fees. When this happens, people who own their vehicles can apply for a consumer finance loan from Embassy Loans, using the equity in your car or truck as collateral,  to assist you to  pay those unexpected financial expenses.

To apply for this type of loan, you need to make sure you have the needed paperwork in order for Embassy Loans  to process your loan quickly:

  • Proof of vehicle ownership ( title) and current insurance:  The first thing you need to establish is proof of ownership for the vehicle on which you are looking to obtain an auto title loan. This means that you have paid off any car loans and there are no liens against the vehicle. You will also need to provide the vehicle insurance and registration.
  • Identification including Driver’s License. You need to prove who you are and where you live. Only official Government Identification Cards such as a State Issued Driver’s License are accepted to establish this identity.
  • Proof of residency: A formal proof of residency is needed when applying for a collateral loan. This can include a copy of bank statements with your physical address, a rental or mortgage agreement with your address printed or utility bill.

This is what you need to receive your  loan from Embassy Loans. The process is very simple and you can fill out an  application online  or by phone with the help of one of our friendly Loan Agents.  Your loan can be approved within a matter of hours.

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Loans using the equity in your car or truck provide rapid cash!

How often have you been at a bank, finance company, or some other traditional lender and had to wait “forever ” for your loan application to be approved? How many times have you waited days and weeks, only to be advised that  your application was declined? Traditional lenders have declined loan applications for a several reasons. Not all of them involve credit problems.

Securing for an auto equity loan often called a car title loan is easy, quick, and hassle free. The application process for a vehicle equity  loan has become very efficient. One false impression about car title loans is that only people with bad or no credit apply for them. There are many repeat title loan borrowers who have good credit. They simply do not want to endure  the application process with traditional lenders. They also want their money fast and easy.

So how fast is the title loan application process? It is so fast that you can usually have the cash you need within one hour. How do we do it? A car equity loan with a clear and free title does not depend on your credit history or your background. Traditional lenders will focus on that.  Auto equity loan providers such as Embassy Loans in Florida do not care.

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Florida Auto Equity Loans – How They Work

All across Florida, people who need emergency cash can find auto equity loans sometimes referred to title loans in just minutes. People from Ft. Meyers to St. Augustine, Key West to Pensacola  are learning how easy it would be to handle all their cash emergencies and unexpected expenses by using the value of their vehicle to get cash today. By calling Embassy Loans for an over the phone  application discussion, they would be able to get pre-approved for a Florida consumer finance loan using their car title as collateral very quickly . Depending on the value of a person’s vehicle, they would be able to qualify for a loan from $250 to $10,000.

While they finish their auto equity loan request inside the location, an agent would give their car a quick inspection and approve the loan amount. Additionally, an individual would be able to keep and drive their vehicle during the Term of their loan, allowing them to go on with life as usual.

Embassy loans offers flexible terms so customers can design a loan that fits their requirements perfectly.

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Auto Title Loans can be secured in an Instant!

Many people are often faced with unexpected expenses or an emergency need for cash – instantly!

If you this happens  and you do not have the money available in the bank or can’t borrow it from a friend or relative , another option for an  immediate cash loan is available.  If you own your car, without any liens or payments remaining on its financing, an auto equity loan, sometimes referred to as a car title loan may be just the answer you need – quickly.

Car title loan providers are very familiar with people who need cash instantly.  The process to get a loan using the equity in your vehicle as collateral is extremely fast and easy.  Your credit score does not matter, just the equity value of  your car.  If you call an auto equity loan provider, they can immediately tell you if your vehicle can qualify for a loan based on its value and condition.

So if you need cash immediately, apply for an auto equity loan.  The application is simple, and the inspection of your vehicle is fast and easy.  Most customers have funds within an hour of applying at the car title loan company or inspection station.


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Auto Equity Loans can be small in size to help you out at a difficult time

Auto equity loans sometimes referred to as car title loans, can help bridge a  financial gap you have.  These loans can be relatively small loans. For example, you may need to borrow only $500.

A loan using the equity in your vehicle as collateral can be accomplished very quickly.  Your credit score does not matter.  All you need is clear title to your vehicle and proof of residency.  If your car has a wholesale value of $5,000, it is not uncommon to be able to borrow a small amount against that value, perhaps $1000, can help you pay some unexpected expenses.

Car title loans can be customized to meet your needs. Small to big amounts of cash can be borrowed.  Payments can be structured over time, to meet your financial needs.   Pre-payment penalties are not charged, so you can pay your loan off early.

So if you need a small or large amount of cash quickly, without a big hassle, try an auto equity or car title loan.


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Installment Loans are a great way to get cash

Are you struggling because of the  economy? Do you want to take  vacation but don’t have the cash?  An Auto Equity installment loan may be your solution!  You  can get  cash quickly  with no credit checks. If you have bad credit don’t worry.  Auto equity loans sometimes referred to  as a  Car Title loan have reasonable interest rates and flexible  programs.  Most auto equity / car title installment lenders have locations throughout  Florida. If you need that much needed vacation, try an installment loan using the equity in your car as collateral.

Look for a lender that will design a loan with flexible terms and payment plans that  meet your financial situation. Terms of 12 months are the most common, but installment loans are available for a little as 3 months and as long as 14 months.  A longer term, will allow you to spread your payments out in smaller amounts.  Installment loan payments provide for principal reduction, so you are actually paying down the loan, rather than making interest only payments.  At the conclusion of the loan- you are done and your vehicle title is returned to you.

In summary, installment loans using the equity in your car or truck as collateral can get you cash quickly for a vacation or other urgent bills.

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Car Title Loans are available to people with Bad Credit

Considering the unemployment rate and poor economy in general, many people are impacted by less than positive credit scores.   Many people had no choice but to pay bills late, resulting in a negative credit score.  Your credit score is the key aspect that a  traditional loan provider (such as a bank), evaluates when you apply for a loan.  When your credit is  bad or you do not have established  credit, a bank usually won’t give you a  loan.

If you had a bankruptcy it will be almost impossible  to borrow money from a bank.

One  option for borrowers with bad credit scores who require cash quickly is an auto equity loan, sometimes referred to as a car title loan. Using the equity in your car or truck as collateral, an auto equity loan provider will ignore your credit situation when evaluating your loan application.  All you need is clear title to your vehicle and proof of residency.

Loans can be designed to be flexible in length, so your payments are affordable.  Interest rates are reasonable and the entire process can take less than one hour.

A big  bonus is that if you make your payments on time, the lender will report this fact to the credit bureaus.  This will help you establish or rebuild your credit score.  A win-win situation!

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