Paying Medical Bills with Auto Title Loans from Embassy Loans

Some people pay medical bills with  cash borrowed on an auto title loan. Why is it when we have unexpected medical bills we often feel worse than the sickness we received medical treatment for in the first place? As the battle rages on in Washington D.C. about how to fix the current Health Care crisis, regular people like you and I are trapped in a spiraling web of ever increasing medical bills which reduce our ability to live a productive and healthy life. In order to offset some of the monthly expenses incurred by these medical bills, often people obtain a loan using their vehicle as collateral.  This is often referred to as an   auto or car title loan.

What are auto title loans? Simply put, it’s another term for a car title loan where you put up your vehicle’s title up as collateral to obtain a secure loan to help pay your medical bills or other unexpected financial obligations. In order to best describe the auto title loan process, here are a few answers to frequently asked questions about auto title loan’s from Embassy Loans.

What is the difference between a car title loan, an automobile title loan or auto equity loan?

Nothing really.   In each, a lender allows a customer to borrow a percentage of his vehicle’s equity in exchange for the vehicle’s title.

How does credit factor into auto title loans from Embassy Loans?

Auto title loans from Embassy Loans are based on the value of the vehicle associated with the title. As such, credit has no  effect on the typical Embassy Loan’s decision to lend to any specific individual. Credit may be run, but only to verify a few items  of the borrower. These, alongside a few other factors, will be used to make a fast and very professional  decision.

If medical bills are constantly keeping you awake at night, and you own your vehicle, call or contact Embassy Loans to help relieve the burden and allow yourself to truly begin the healing process. Cash is available usually within one hour from application approval.

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